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Because your bottom line matters!
No one argues— ADVERTISING WORKS! Good advertising introduces your company or organization to your audience, provides useful information about your products and services, helps to build a corporate image, and ultimately helps increase your bottom line. Whether you hire a large advertising agency, a small "mom & pop shop," or a creative freelance, one thing is sure: adding a creative person to your team is a huge benefit to you. Why, however, is KGMdesigns™ a good choice? Continue reading for the answer!

freelance vs. agency
There are many advantages in using a small creative service over a large agency, but price and personal attention are the top two. I do not have the overhead of a large agency or even a small shop. Without office rent and employee benefits to pay, I can increase my profit margin and charge you much lower prices. Just because I work out of a home office, however, don’t think I am not fully equipped! I have worked over a decade acquiring the proper equipment to produce professional work. KGMdesigns constantly maintains equipment and stays up-to-date with software. I even have a full time computer technician to make sure appropriate deadlines aren't broken due to equipment failure (just one of the perks of being married to an electrical engineer). Another benefit of using KGMdesigns over a larger agency is my dedication to YOU. Most companies work from 8-5. I am "on the clock" 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! Because I contract on a freelance basis, I have the ability to pick and choose my work and the flexibility needed to offer 100% attention to YOUR JOB. My customers know I am devoted to pleasing them and always available on weekends and after hours. You will NOT get this kind of attention from an agency.

My talent speaks for itself. Go to the portfolio section of this site to view a few of my past works. I feel I am talented at what I do. My customers agree. Since most creatives would claim to be talented, what makes KGMdesigns special? Keep reading...

advertising background
My advertising background is one area where I differ from most "graphic designers." I am not JUST a graphic designer. I believe in creating works that are visually appealing, but my advertising knowledge and experience force me to go deeper than outward appearance. For this reason I consider myself a graphic communications specialist instead of just a graphic designer.

Before forming KGMdesigns, I worked 10 years with a rapidly changing and growing company. This gave me opportunity to experience many facets of the industry. You may view my resume for specifics, but I have extensive experience in the areas of customer service, advertising specialties, graphic design, copywriting, editing, creative direction and traditional and electronic prepress. In addition, I have worked as a freelance for 13 years.

knowledge of the printing industry
This is KGMdesigns' biggest niche and greatest advantage to you! Due to my background in the printing industry, I have extensive knowledge that can help save money at press time. Do you know what gripper you’ll need, or what a bleed requires, or how to implement proper trapping, or if your job should be positioned 2-up or 4? Don’t worry— I DO! I speak print shop lingo. This means I can get you the biggest bang for your buck. I know the loopholes and can offer suggestions which can save you money when the presses roll. Most graphic designers design, then send their work to a print shop where a poor ol’ prepress person RE-works everything because the designer didn’t do it correctly for the press. I used to BE that poor ol’ prepress person who had to constantly preflight incoming jobs. I get your job RIGHT and READY FOR PRESS before sending it to the presses. In addition, I can help you communicate with your printer or help you find a printer. I know what questions to ask and understand the answers.

competitive pricing
You'll find my rates to be very competitive. In fact, I charge significantly less than price guidelines set by the Graphic Artists Guild. So, contact me FAST before I start charging what I'm worth!

variety of services
KGMdesigns offers a full range of creative services. First and foremost, I am a creative director who designs. If you are a small company and feel you can't hire a designer AND a copywriter AND a photographer, etc, I have skills in all these areas as well. See the "creative services and pricing" portion of this website to see the many services I provide.

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